Canadian Fishing Destinations

Come to an angling paradise where more than hundreds and thousands of lakes, rivers and streams are brimming with some of the best freshwater year-round fishing experiences in the world. The Canadian provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta are known worldwide for their exceptional range and diversity of fishing experiences. Choose from housekeeping cabins, all-inclusive lodges, remote camps, and fully-outfitted, guided groups. Fly, paddle, drive, or take the train to your next angling adventure.

Greenback Walleyes on Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba


Smack dab in the middle of Canada, the province of Manitoba is known for its rugged wilderness, big open skies, and an abundance of experiences for any trip! Pursue your passion with over 100,000 lakes and 30 species of fish to choose from. From big game and waterfowl to trophy fishing, Manitoba has it all.

Since 1949, Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge has been providing the most exclusive fly in fishing in Manitoba. We create experiences to a highly discerning clientele in a spectacular wilderness setting that has barely changed in 10,000 years. Set along a sandy beach in the province of Manitoba within the Atikaki Provincial Park, guests of Aikens Lake Lodge benefits from one of the best and most unique locations for Canada fishing trips.

Just outside of Flin Flon, Manitoba, Bakers Narrows Lodge has an impressive range of all-inclusive fishing and adventure packages offering an unforgettable experience north of the 53rd parallel! With contemporary accommodations and a bevy of guided activities, like remote fishing, kayaking, and ATV tours, it’s no wonder that discerning outdoor enthusiasts choose Bakers Narrows and the vast wilderness that surrounds Lake Athapapuskow into the nearby communities of Flin Flon, Cranberry Portage, Channing, and Big Island Lake. Chasing highly-sought game fish, like lake trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, northern pike, walleye, and smallmouth bass, is only the beginning!

Budd’s Gunisao Lake Lodge is a five-star destination for anglers who want to target trophy Walleye. Gunisao Lake produces a high number of Trophy Walleye each season — 65 percent of them to be exact. For fishing, comfort, and relaxation then Budd’s Gunisao Lake Lodge is the place to be. Gunisao Lake is a short 75-minute flight from Winnipeg.

If you’re looking for spectacular outdoor experiences in Canada, Evergreen Lodge and Resort in Northern Manitoba, Canada, is your all-season destination! From bear hunting and duck hunting, to master angler fishing and ice fishing. Head out with the boys or pack up your family. Enjoy fully equipped cabins, our comfortable well-appointed lodge or really take it off-the-grid and fly-in to our cozy outpost cabin. Get away from it all and experience one of the best Canadian outdoor vacations at the second clearest lakes in the world!

We feel there is a significant difference between the experience we offer at Kenanow Lodge, compared with what the other larger lodges offer. Some people prefer the larger, less personal, anonymous experience offered at large lodges. The guests who come to us year after year do so because they’ve come to know us, and like us, and look forward to the close contact and friendliness of our place.

With a chain of three scenic lakes — Quesnel, Manigotagan, and Happy — you’ll have plenty of water to enjoy and explore for a week-long fishing trip, or a weekend adventure. We are the only lodge located on this chain of lakes. This system is unique in that it offers World-Class fishing you would expect to find at a northern fly-in lake. Q Lake Lodge is road accessible and continues to offer exceptional fishing for trophy walleye, monster smallmouth bass, northern pike, and perch. Many happy anglers leave here year after year, having earned their Manitoba Master Angler Award.

Full-service cabins with lakefront views and private docks. Propane barbeque, decks, and/or screened-in porches. Remote drive-in, four-season, sportsman’s resort located at the North end of the Whiteshell Provincial Park in Pointe du Bois Manitoba. The Winnipeg River offers superb fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch, Sturgeon, and Smallmouth Bass. We offer great ice fishing packages that are truly unforgettable.

Viking Lodge has been in operation since the 1950s and it is the largest fishing and hunting lodge in the Northwest division of Manitoba, Canada. It is a well-established camp located at the headwaters of the Grass River system and the start of the Grass River Provincial Park. From our docks, you will have boat access to 52 miles of lakes and rivers filled with trophy walleye, lake trout, northern pike, whitefish, and tullibee. And if you are interested in catching that trophy rainbow or brook trout there are several lakes that are within 30 minutes away. We also have boat caches in several local lakes as well as one fly-in camp that is only a 20-minute flight away.

Giant Northern Pike, Lake Trout, and Walleye stealthily lurking, waiting for their next prey. The crack of a branch from deep in the forest causing alertness, animal or wind? The taste of that lightly breaded fish melting in your mouth. The smell of smoke from a crackling campfire, followed by voices retelling stories of the recent incredible events. Or just sitting in your own cabin, taking a deep breath, and letting the stress that followed you all those miles slowly melt away. No matter the season, these stay the same. It’s time to come, Withdraw To The Wilderness.


Pine Sunset Lodge is located on the shores of Dinorwic Lake which is part of the Wabigoon Lake System near Drydon, Ontario.  Great service and a helpful staff welcomes you to cabins that have been modernized and updated.  The lake is a strong walleye fishery and one of the top musky fisheries in the area.  Smallmouth bass and lake trout also offer great opportunities.  Nearby portage lakes are also available.  Bear and moose hunting packages are also popular.

All of our cabins, but one are located on the Cat River System. These lakes have rapids flowing in and out of them. This moving water stirs up feed for the baitfish and fish, which makes the fly-in fishing exception for both walleye and northern. Even during the “dog days of summer,” the walleye and northern fish on the Cat River System never quit biting. Making Knobby’s an exceptional fly-in fishing experience throughout the entire season. Just ask any of our guests!


G&S Marina Outfitters is located on Last Mountain Lake in southern Saskatchewan and provides guided fishing and hunting services, cabin rentals, lake rental equipment, boat/ marina services, and operates the general store at Rowan’s Ravine, SK. Our mission is to provide a positive and lasting memory. Our philosophy is, “We will treat you the way we would want to be treated if we were in your shoes!”

Scott Lake Lodge is on the edge of the largest untouched wilderness area in the world. Located on the border of the Northwest Territories and Saskatchewan, our main lodge sits only a stone’s throw from the 60th parallel. Unlike many lakes where you have to choose either good action or trophy size, Scott Lake offers both. It’s not uncommon here to land 50 to 100 fish a day for a single boat, and we’ve had more than a few with well over 100 fish in a day.

Tazin Lake is a deep, clear-water lake that sits in the northwest corner of Saskatchewan. With depths over 400 feet, rocky shorelines, a huge forage base, and very little pressure, Tazin Lake is teeming with trophy lake trout. It’s also part of an extensive river system and features giant northern pike as well. Our lake has never seen (and never will) a commercial fishing net, allowing us to properly manage the lake with a catch-and-release policy. This ensures the giants will be around for generations to come. While the fishing is great, it’s not the only part of a trip to Tazin Lake Lodge. Our camp is built to be smaller to ensure less fishing pressure on the lake and more attention for each guest.

We invite you to stay in our lakefront, handcrafted log lodge at Tobin Lake. Your Northern Saskatchewan experience will be professionally guided, whether you are hunting for bear/deer in the (bush), or fishing the waters of Tobin Lake for a monster pike or world-renowned walleye.  Every day you will enjoy several sightings of northern animals and be rewarded with a hunt of a lifetime.